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Victor and Angel from Dance Moms: Miami

Studio A dancing along side,

Chloe from Dance Moms

Studio A Dancers

"We love Chloe!"

Studio A Dance Team

Performance Company dancing along side Chloe from Dance Moms

Work it girls!

The girls had a blast dancing with Chloe from Dance Moms

Chloe & Baby Alivia

Chloe adored Miss Amanda's daughter, Alivia! Chloe is the sweetest young lady.

Chloe & Baby Alivia

Chloe is an A-mazing big sister and she really loves little babies like our Alivia!

Hannah & Debi Epstein

Dance Moms: Miami Stars

Hannah Epstein's Warm up

Time to stretch!

Hannah Epstein

Leading a talk circle

Studio A's Team Girls with Hannah & Debi

Hannah with Miss Amanda's Cheer Girls!

Cheer Girl's


Hannah with Studio A's Assistant Teachers

Hannah Meets part of Studio A's Extended Family


Assistant Jayla and Hannah

Hannah made some new friends!

Assistant Alyson and Hannah

Goofy time with Hannah

Miss Amanda with Hannah


Girl Time!

Hannah Epstein Representing Studio A!

Tank top looks great on her

Miss Amanda and Hannah

"Wish she was my student!" -Miss Amanda

4th of July Festivities in 2012

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