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Things to Remember during Lottery Ticket Day:

1.       Each family must buy their own tickets. Other dance families may not buy for another dance family. You may however send a family member or outside of studio friend to purchase tickets (over 18 yrs of age). You may also have a Studio A staff member choose your tickets for you during the time slot you received.

2.       Tickets cost $15 each presale price $18 at the door. Everyone ages 2 and up must have a ticket to enter the auditorium. Children under 2 must sit on lap unless you wish to purchase a ticket for them.

3.        There is no maximum number of tickets you can purchase after the lottery.

4.       All seats are reserved. You DO NOT have to participate in the Lottery to buy tickets. There are no bad seats in the auditorium. The lottery gives you the opportunity to choose your seats. If you prefer, you will be able to purchase tickets after the Lottery, beginning on Monday, June 10, or at the door on the day of the show.

5.       Tickets must be PAID IN FULL at time of purchase. Payments for tickets are CASH or CHECK only during pre-sale dates and CASH ONLY at the door.

6.       In order to purchase tickets your tuition balance and any costume balance must be paid in full through June.

7.       The ticket allows you access to our Pre Show which begins 30 minutes prior to our main event. Those wishing to only attend the pre-show are still required to purchase a full price ticket.

8.       Pre Show parents will not participate in the lottery. You will be able to purchase tickets at the studio during any of our ticket pre-sale dates, listed above or at the door.

9.       Students that are in the main event DO NOT need to purchase a ticket. However, students that are ONLY participating in the Pre Show and would like to see the main event they must purchase a ticket.

10.       There will absolutely be NOtickets availableto purchase during tech or dress rehearsals. Tickets MUST be purchased in advance on the dates above in order to receive them at $15.

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