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To schedule a Small Group Training or Personal Training Session, please contact Ciara at

Please call ahead to reserve a drop-in spot in any of our classes

No need to worry about your favorite fitness class filling up like at a crowded gym. Lose the feeling of intimidation and judgement that comes along with a gym membership. It's time to become apart of Studio A's friendly, encouraging and fun fitness family!

Barre Booty Camp

Work your behind and your whole body like never before! Barre classes are derived from ballet barre exercises infused with pilates principles. Using small range of motion moves and repititions these challenging workouts will lift your tush, sculpt your arms, and streamline your legs. Ditch the gym and get to the barre!

Guts, Butts & Thighs

Set to up-beat music, this high intensity class targets those "trouble areas". Firm, define, and tone your entire core and lower areas of the body. Combining free weights, tubes, stability and medicine balls, this workout will make you feel the burn in a fun and stress-relieving way! All fitness levels are welcome to participate.

Zumba Fusion

Zumba is one of the most unique, fun, and beneficial exercise programs to have 

blossomed the fitness world for its diversity and level of fun! There are numerous different styles of Latin dances mixed in, and the best part of this class is that you don't have to be a dancer or professional! Zumba Fusion allows anyone and everyone to have fun while dancing and excercising! Enjoy learning different styles of movements with sculpting exercises designed to tone the entire body from top to bottom!

Ciara's Personal Training

Studio A wants to help you achieve your fitness goals whether you are new to exercise or a conditioned athlete. At Studio A you will meet with our personal fitness guru Ciara, who will customize a program to fit your needs and schedule. Ciara offers private, semi-private and small group training. Unlike the over populated local gym, Studio A allows you to have a more private setting where you can feel comfortable with your personal fitness training.

Small Group Training

Many activities with a fun group of friends are always better! Fitness is no exception! Exercising in a small group provides the benefits of team motivation, meeting new friends and sharing the cost of a trainer. Studio A offers Small Group Training (SGT) year-round in groups 3-5 depending on the type of activity. Choose to train with a small group to meet a fitness goal and enjoy the camaraderie. Whatever your reason, we welcome you to try a Small Group Training session and experience the benefits for yourself!

Small group training sessions are 1 hour in length. Custom designed workouts are tailored specifically to each small group. You wil lreceive accountability, motivation, support, experience and expert guidance to reach your fitness goals at an economical rate. Small group trainings sessions run for 8 weeks.

To schedule a Small Group Training or Personal Training Session, please contact Ciara at

Ciara Bomengen received an A.S. in Science and Nutrition and a B.S in Human Services & B.S. in Child Psychology. During college, she emphasized her studies in Junior Health Development. She became a certified Group Fitness Instructor and received her certificate of Personal Training in 2009. Bomengen has made a strong presence in our community and she continuously strives to offer the best to our clients and dancers, something you will quickly realize when you work with her. As a popular local instructor she enjoys traveling the Boston area to work with children of all ages. She is very excited to be joining Studio A's team and cannot wait for a new fun fitness and dance year!

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