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Recreational Dance Tuition & Fees 

Tuition applies to the ENTIRE year. We make a commitment to our teachers and staff based on enrollment. For a full program we do package pricing as you can see below.

Students are expected to attend all classes, and we do not refund tuition for any missed classes.

It is assumed that you will be enrolled for the entire season.


Recreational Classes

30 mins per week               $64 per month

45 min-1hr per week           $84 per month

1.5 hours per week             $114 per month

2.5 hours per week              $142 per month

3 hours per week                 $159 per month

3.5 hours per week             $179 per month

3.5+ hours per week

$179 per month UNLIMITED

 Annual Registration Fee

$29 per student


$45 per family


Costume Fees

$40 deposit per class per student

Due NOVEMBER 1st for Spring Show

$TBD balance per class per student

Due JAN 1st for Spring Show

Annual Recital Fee

 In order for us to keep our ticket prices down, hire videographers, photographers, the venue, lights/sound, pay our staff, purchase props, etc. We require all of our families to pay a Recital Fee. This fee is due in March during our 2nd semester of dance. Please see our flat rates for 1 dancer or multiple dancers in the show:  

$85 per dancer in recital

(includes 1 Digital copy of show and 1 show t-shirt)


$125 per family in recital

(include 1 Digital copy of the show and show t-shirts for the students)

Make checks payable to:

Studio A Dance Company

Mail to:

11 Progress Ave

Chelmsford, MA 01824

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